Coffee can be enjoyed in many different ways & as always, we strive to bring coffee into other realms. We do this without jeopardising its flavour or characteristics rather enhancing it in more interesting ways.So, expanding our horizons, we delved into the world of craft beer!

The technique and process involved in speciality coffee and craft beer are very different but both share similar traits. Roasters & brewers are both people who have passion for what they do; quality, great flavours & tasting notes are all part of what they both want to achieve in their products.
So we teamed up with a local Welsh brewery, ​Mad Dog Brewing Co. ​We got our expertise together & experimented in order to amalgamate the two products, beer & coffee, in the best possible way.


We first got together for the Cardiff Craft Beer Festival that took place at The Depot in Cardiff Bay back in August 2016 where ​Mad Dog Brewing Co.​ contacted us about making a coffee beer for the festival. It was great to see that both of us were into the experimenting and into creating something different. At the time, coffee beers tended to be espresso based so we HAD to do something different. We decided to go for a cold brew coffee beer and Quantum Gravity was born!! It was a great success at the festival (sold out on day 2!) and we held a ‘meet the brewers’ event on the same weekend at Quantum Coffee Roasters. Since then, we have both made tweaks to our recipes to further enhance the qualities of each ingredient and believe we have now created a very very tasty cold brew coffee beer!


Following Mad Dog Brewing Co.’s special edition of Stouty McStoutface with espresso made out of our Kenyan coffee beans, we decided to brew it again for Quantum using single origin coffee used for our cold brew coffee.We wanted to take the experimenting a little further and asked Alex from Mad Dog Brewing Co. if it would work infused with Nitro. Neither of us knew what the result would be, so we tried it out! We have to say, we have put it on tap, infused it with Nitro and it is the smoothest of espresso stouts with the coffee element coming through subtle but noticeable at the same time! The little Nitro bubbles create an even smoother feel on the palate!!!

Look out for our next collab!