Cold Brew

Cold Brew coffee has been having quite a moment in recent years but cold brew coffee is something that has been around since the 17th century.

It is said, that sailors in the Dutch trading ships introduced a concentrated form of brewed coffee that was easily transportable and didn’t take up much space for their long sea journeys. It is also said that the Dutch traders were the ones who spread their cold brew ways to Japan, who adopted the method and made it their own by creating the Kyoto-Drip (although the Japanese already had a long tradition of cold brewing tea).

Cold brew coffee must not be confused with iced coffee, whereby the coffee is brewed hot and is then cooled and/or chilled.

One method of cold brewing involves the steeping or immersion method, whereby coffee grounds are immersed and left to steep in cold water for around 24 hrs and this is then filtered through and diluted to drink.

The Kyoto/Japanese-Drip method involves dripping iced cold water one drop at a time, really slowly through sometimes a series of glass bowls and apertures suspended like a tower. This method can produce a rich coffee concentrate.

Cold brew coffee generally produces a sweeter, far less acidic drink which and delivers as satisfying coffee flavour in a refreshing way.

Here at Quantum Coffee Roasters, we only use the Japanese method for our cold brew coffee! It takes time (100 ml / hr) but we believe it makes a better, cleaner brew!

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