UGANDA, Mount Elgon A

Type: Coffee

This A grade high altitude Ugandan coffee comes from the Kapcharwa district on the eastern border of neighbouring Kenya on the slopes of Mount Elgon where most of the country's arabica coffee is grown. The coffee is grown by small holder farmers within the region who have access to a wealth of growing and processing resources including four greenhouses  , an arabica nursery for adolescent saplings and a washing station with eco-pulping capabilities.

The coffee trees grow alongside banana trees which create a shade canopy, making this coffee 100% shade grown. Each farmer contributes to the overall lot and is responsible fro about 1000 arabica trees.

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Tasting notes: Spicy, citrus acidity. Good body for an African coffee. Earthy, woody flavors with subtle floral notes
Altitude: 1650 -2200 masl
Roast level: Medium
Varietal: SL-14, SL-34, KP423, Nyasaland, Bugisu
Process: Washed

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