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Women Coffee Producers Gift Box

Type: Coffee Gifts

 We are passionate about supporting coffee communities and passionate about showcasing producers that are making changes to the coffee industry. 

Women in coffee growing communities have always played a huge part but have only been recognised in recent years. These women are now coming forward and are now able to get the same initiatives in order to invest in their farms and be able to market their amazing coffees to the rest of the world.

We have and are actively been seeking coffees from all women producers for many reasons and this is something we are passionate about. 

This box celebrates the coffees from the three all Women Producing cooperatives two of which we have been supporting for some time with the Sumatran coffee a recent addition to our collection.


1 x 125 g  -  Peru Cafe Femenino
(we have supported the women behind this coffee since we started back in 2015)

1 x 125g - Colombia A.M.A.C.A
(a strong cooperative of 85 members)

1 x 125g - Sumatra Ketiara Cooperative
(founded in 2008 and producing 100% shade grown coffee)

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