COSTA RICA, Finca Mirella, Las Lajas Micromill (BLACK HONEY)

Type: Coffee

Region: Sabanilla de Alajuela
Farm: Finca Mirella, Las Lajas Micromill

Third generation coffee producers Oscar and Francisca Chacon are truly committed to quality and innovation. They were the first to produce honey and natural processed coffees in Costa Rica. In 2005 after years of delivering their coffee cherries to a cooperative, they decided to join the brand new 'microbial revolution'. Their Las Lajas microbial began producing coffee in 2008. This came about when due to an earthquake, the mills water supply was cut off. Oscar had heard of the pulped natural process used in Ethiopia and Brazil and that techniques required minimal use of water so he gave it a go with that years harvest.

The Chacón's take environmental impact very seriously and they want to moderate the impact of heat on their farm by adding more trees to help shade the coffee plants. They use a de-mucilaging machine to de-pulp their coffee and this has enabled them to reduce their water usage down to zero. 

This black honey coffee is superb and out of all the honey processes it is themes difficult to achieve. The Chacón's do this superbly!

Why not check out our new blog to find out all about this rare processing method of black honey:

Tasting Notes: Balanced, sweet and savoury with a tart acidity. A heavy mouthfeel with raspberry, cacao and chocolate flavours
Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: Common Costa Rican varieties
Process: Black Honey
Altitude:1400 - 1600 masl.

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