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English Breakfast, NEMI Teas

Type: tea

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The deliciously robust and full-bodied taste of our English Breakfast takes traditional black tea to new heights. This malty leaf tea from pure Assam leaves is grown in the prized Borengajuli Estate in Northeast India. A cup of this golden and well-rounded blend with a splash of milk is much prized at breakfast time.

We have captured the true flavour of this full-bodied, brisk black tea blend in biodegradable tea pyramids to give you the perfect start to your day.

  • INGREDIENTS — Fairtrade & Organic-certified Assam black tea
  • SOURCE — tea from pure Assam leaves, it is grown in the prized Borengajuli Estate in Assam, Northeast India.
  • HOW TO DRINK ME — a tea bag goes into a tea cup, add boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes according to your preferred strength (or mood). Serve black or a dash of your favourite milk. A slice of cake at the ready and you're all set!
  • PACK SIZE — 15-teabags
  • PACKAGING  MATERIAL — biodegradable plastic called NatureFlex™ made from wood pulp.
  • TEABAG MATERIAL — 100% plastic-free, compostable teabags made from cornstarch.

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