The most served coffee around the world


Espresso delivers a concentrated shot of coffee, rich in its flavours with a distinctive crema.

In Italian, the word espresso literally means “when something is forced out.”This refers to the way espresso is made.

In 1884 the first espresso machine was patented by Angelo Moriondo from Turin and unlike later espresso machines, it was a bulk brewer and brewed coffees for more customers at the time.

In 1905 the La Pavoni company was founded producing espresso machines and following this, in 1933 Dr Ernest Illy invented the first automatic espresso machine. The modern day espresso machine was created by yet another Italian Achilles Gaggia in 1946. Espresso machines are still improved but in the details. In the United Kingdom espresso first grew popular among the youth in the 1950’s.

Espresso is the base of most coffees served in coffee houses around the world. It’s method lends itself to the use of milk and many drinks such including cappuccino and latte have become popular amongst coffee drinkers. Recent years have a rise in drinks such at the flat white and cortado.

2010: A car fuelled by coffee travelled 250 miles from London to Manchester – known as the ‘Car-puccino’ – it was fuelled by the equivalent of 11,000 espressos

2014: Astronauts in the International Space Station finally get a decent cup of coffee with the first espresso machine in space

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