Iced coffee is essentially hot ​brewed ​coffee cooled down or chilled or poured over ice. There have been many versions and a huge array of iced coffee drinks in recent years.
Apart from the well known iced ​latte ​and iced ​americano​, we have also created some ​FREDDO drinks of our own!


Our real chocolate mochas are made with 100% single origin chocolate flakes – the same ones we use for our ​hot chocolates​! Not a single syrup or chocolate powder in sight!
Currently we offer a dark Ecuador chocolate ​Freddo Mocha​ and a white Dominican Republic chocolate ​Freddo Mocha​.


Embracing our Greek heritage, we offer two more iced coffee versions; the ​Freddo Espresso and the ​Freddo Cappuccino​.
Freddo Cappuccino is ​espresso ​coffee cooled in a mixer, poured over ice and topped with a very thick creamy textured foam of cold milk. This milk foam ‘sits’ on top of the ​espresso ​and ice and this is what makes this iced drink different!

It’s definitely a must on a hot day!


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