If you are going to go ​nitro cold brew ​you have to do it properly! There is an easy way of doing things & there is an authentic way of doing things which, a lot of the time tends to be much harder but we believe the end result is far better so as always, we chose authenticity!
Nitro Cold Brew, is basically regular ​cold brew coffee​ infused with nitrogen gas and stored in a keg under pressure. We serve it cold, straight from the tap just like draft beer! Because nitrogen is not easily dissolved in water, it creates these tiny bubbles. Nitrogen bubbles have been used for years in ​stout beer ​that brings out their main characteristic creaminess and mouth feel – think Guinness! The same technique is now transforming the world of cold brew coffee!
Our ​cold brew​ is of single origin, Fairtrade & Organic certified ​coffee beans​. When it comes to cold brew coffee, and the beans used, we look for earthy tones, low acidity & a little bit of fruitiness.
Cold brewing results in a less acidic coffee than hot-brewed coffee. It is sweeter with earthy tones. The nitrogen takes these flavours a step further by becoming sweeter & creamier in texture. It also further highlights the specific characteristics of the coffee beans from different origins that are not that apparent when brewing hot.

also worth noting…..Nitro Coffee….this stuff is strong when it comes to caffeine so great for kickstarting your day!