Culture in Every Cup

Type: Coffee Gifts

Get your taste buds travelling through the four major coffee regions! Perfect as a gift for someone who want's to try a small selection of very distinct coffees.

This little taster bundle includes a coffee from each of the four major coffee growing regions of:

Africa - acidic, bright, winey, fruity and intense
Central Americas - balanced, bright and clean
South Americas - balanced, consistent and often delicate coffees
Asia & Pacific - rich, earthy, spicy, savoury, and wild

We have chosen the coffees for this pack carefully so you get a true taste of what is usual for each of the regions. 

The box includes the following coffees:

1 x 125 g  -  Ethiopia Bench Maji  - Africa
(a forest coffee from the birthplace of coffee Ethiopia)
1 x 125 g  -  Costa Rica Hermosa - Central America
(a honey processed coffee from Costa Rica, the origin specialising in this process)
1 x 125 g  - Brazil Boa Esperanca - South America
(a natural processed coffee from Brazil, one the biggest coffee growing countries in the world)
1 x 125 g - Papua New Guinea Kunjin - Asia & Pacific
(a coffee from the most exotic island of the region)


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