ETHIOPIA, Bench Maji Forest

Type: Coffee

Bench Maji Forest Coffee Producer Farmers’ Cooperative Union was established in July 2005 by 14 founder member primary cooperatives (PCs) to operate in the Bench Maji Zone, South West of Ethiopia to engage in the marketing of coffee on behalf of its members. The Union’s members also produce other forest Products such as honey and spices.

Currently, the union has 65 primary cooperatives affiliated to it.  It's vision is to become the ultimate market hub for coffee growers of the Bench Maji Zone and the surrounding values that emanated from cooperative principles.

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Tasting Notes: Light and smooth acidity and balanced. Tropical fruit, fragranced with herbal notes.
Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: Gesha, Kaffa, Djima, Limmu
Process: Washed and dry process
Altitude: 1400 - 1800 masl
Certification: Organic

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