MOCCAMASTER SELECT KBG - (with Glass flask)

Type: Filter Coffee Machines

With a feeling of pride, we would like to introduce our new Moccamaster KBG Select to you! There are plenty of reasons why we have chosen to stock the Moccamaster Select, the simplest reason being, it is the finest automated filter brewer you can find!

"Moccamaster is built on a simple idea: for a better cup of coffee. Day after day, cup after cup."

Each brewer is handmade in the Netherlands by Technivorm who have been specialising in coffee machines since 1968. The Select is certified for 10 and 6 cups, which means it has the ability to adjust between smaller and larger brews. Thanks to the new select switch, it's possible to easily switch between a full or half jug. The water flow slows down when using the switch fro half a jug. It brews a full pot of coffee in 6 minutes at a precise 196 - 205 deg F. 

The result however, will always be an aromatic cup of coffee full of the flavour intended by the beans, regardless if you go for full or half jug. 

The KGB Select model features a glass jug and is built with automatic drip- stop-brew-basket that stops coffee flowing after the jug has been removed. 

The coffee is then placed on the unique hot plate; engineered to keep the coffee hot and to ensure an even taste for each cup. 

Note: Colours on this website can differ from the actual colours of the machines 

Note: Please allow 7-10 days for delivery

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