RWANDA, Sake Women's Washing Station (Women Producers)

Type: Coffee

Sake coffee is a product of Sake Farm Limited and is located in Eastern province of Rwanda and takes its name from the lake Sake that runs alongside it. Sake farm sources his coffee from sake coffee plantations with 1752 coffee farmers in Ngoma District and in total 73400 coffee trees.

Since 1999 Sake Farm Limited have worked together with farmers to rehabilitate the coffee farms destroyed in 1994 during the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. The farm provides work mainly to women and youth in the Ngoma District. The coffee cherries reach the sake coffee washing station by bicycles, by cars or carried by the women on their head.

Sake farm is part of the International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA). IWCA Rwanda is an NGO that engages every woman in the coffee sector from crop to cup by transforming their lives and wellbeing through strong relationships at regional and international levels. Since 2013, the coffee has been the product of the hard work of 1,752 farmers - mainly women.

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Tasting Notes: Smooth body and good acidity. Berries and milk chocolate notes.
Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1450 - 2000 masl

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