Nepal, Mt. Everest Supreme

Colombia, Villa Alejandra, GESHA

Type: Coffee

Gesha coffee also known as Geisha - there is debate over the correct name - takes its name from a town, Gesha, in western Ethiopia. The Gesha variety became popular when a Panamanian farm entered it in a competition. The coffee proved so unusual that prices skyrocketed. Since, the gesha variety has been planted in certain areas of Central and South America and is still rare and pricey. Although the variety was brought to Panama from Costa Rica, it is believed that it originated in Ethiopia! 

The farm is owned by Victor Eliecer Garzon and Villa Alejandra is a 7 hectare farm. The farm sits in the Corralejas, Sotara Region in Cauca, Colombia. Six out of the seven hectares of coffee is planted in the clay loam and volcanic soil. Victor harvests his Gesha coffee cherries when they are bright red and this happens at around every 20 days during the harvest season. The coffee is de-pulped on the same day it is harvested and thee seeds then are fermented for 24 hour dry.The coffee is then washed three times and dried in a combination of casa elbadryers and in parabolic dryers for 10 days.

Tasting Notes: Sugar flavours with rich chocolate, caramel, cinnamon & stewed fruits; fruity acidity & a syrupy mouthfeel
Roast Level: Medium
Variety: Gesha
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1850 masl

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