Type: Coffee

Our microlot from Timor-Leste comes from the village of Goulala in Letefoho in the Ermera municipality, 40km south of the country’s capital and port city Dili.

It grows in mountainous terrain up to 1,500 masl. The name for the coffee comes from the local language “Mambae”, where “Gou” means “Casuarina”, the local type of trees or forest, and “lala” means “centre” or “inside”,so it means “inside of casuarina forest”.

In this remote part of the world, coffee is a crucial part of its economy. Despite this, coffee processing is still done by coffee farmers in their homes, with process and cultivation done fully organically and where the cherry skins are converted into natural compost.

Letefoho Coffee farmer Group is supported by Café Brisa Serena, a social enterprise established with support from the NGO Peace Winds Japan in 2010. It is their mission to increase the income and quality of life of Coffee Farmer in the Sub-District Letefoho, through branding and promotion. They do so by supporting high quality coffee production with technical support and delivering the coffee to domestic and international markets.

Tasting Notes: Berry and milk chocolate notes with a silky, sugarcane sweetness.
Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: Timor, Typica
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1400 - 1500 masl

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