We are Quantum

aka Dimitris, Katia and our young daughter (the BOSS of everything and possibly future Quantum roastmaster!)

This is a family venture and as a couple, we share the same passions; this includes all things coffee and this is how Quantum Coffee Roasters began its journey back in May 2015, as a combination coffee roastery and coffee house. Our coffee house, set in the heart of Cardiff Bay opened its doors in November 2015.

Our interest and passion for coffee has always been there and this was a venture that has been a vision we both have been wanting to realise since we met 18 years ago!

Dimitris​: I’m from Greece and I joined Katia here for a new life together in Cardiff. As a Greek, consuming coffee is serious business so I did and do drink my fair share! Roasting was initially something that happened by accident. It sounded interesting and exciting so I went for it. And that’s when it happened, the love affair with all things coffee and coffee roasting began! Unfortunately I had to give that up to get a ‘proper’ job at some point and so worked for years in the hospitality industry. I am glad to say that being a roaster is now considered a proper job! Being a self taught roaster I believe has given me the skill of delving deeper & exploring more broadly into the possibilities of coffee!

Katia​: I am Cardiff born but grew up mostly in Greece. An architect by trade, I managed to consume a hell of a lot of coffee during my years as a student and as a practicing architect! I also spend my student years as a barista (as you do) although I must admit latte art was non-existent at the time! Dimitris vast knowledge on coffee triggered that extra passion for it in me too and I immersed myself in the origins of coffee and the processes involved but my true interest lies in the flavours of each bean! So here I am!

so..yup! You could say we geek out on coffee;

The truth is, we love experimenting with the possibilities of coffee and this is where our belief in the connection of craftsmanship and science becomes reality. The origin & sourcing, the process & the roast, the taste, the smell and the different ways to serve it & drink it are all equally important!

But it’s not all about the coffee;

We are also about people, relationships, honesty and always being ourselves & keeping it real!​This follows through to our staff. Anyone working with us at Quantum becomes part of the family, so here is introducing our lovely staff who understand what we are about and support us by doing what they do well! ​We are proud of what we do with quality & commitment always at the top of our passions list!

So this is us, we hope to see you soon,

The Quantum Coffee Roasters gang!