ETHIOPIA KAFFA, Mr Ephrem Mulugeta

Type: Coffee

This coffee is part of Cafe Imports’ (our green coffee merchant) “Small Farmer Project” which is the result of an effort to support Ethiopian producers with a marketplace for farm-traceable coffees. 

Ephrem Mulugeta owns and produces coffee on a 300-hectare farm in the village of Gundira Shela in the Kaffa region. At some of the highest elevations in this region, his farm contains Nitisols, a red tropical soil. After delivering to the local mill, this coffee was kept separate as a single-producer coffee, rare for Ethiopia. It was naturally dried on Raised African Beds for 21 days.

Among coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia holds near-legendary status not only because it’s the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, but also because it is simply unlike every other place in the coffee world. Unlike the vast majority of coffee-growing countries, the plant was not introduced as a cash crop through colonisation. Instead, growing, processing, and drinking coffee is part of the everyday way of life, and has been for centuries since the trees were discovered growing wild in forests, eventually cultivated for household use and commercial sale.

Tasting Notes: Typical mocha flavour, with blueberry & blackberry notes. Heavy body with an earthy & chocolate aroma
Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: Native heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1900 - 2000 masl

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