INDIA, Mysore, Plantation A

INDIA Monsoon Malabar

Type: Coffee

Monsoon Malabar’s origins date back to the times of the British Raj. During that time, the coffee was exported in wooden shipping vessels which took four to six months, during the monsoon season, to sail around the Cape of Good Hope before reaching Europe. This created changes to the bean and these changes had an impact of the coffee when eventually drank.

Transportation changed and so did the coffee on arrival. So to re-create the same conditions, the raw beans are now exposed to the monsoon winds from June to September, in well-ventilated warehouses (12 to 16 weeks time). 

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Tasting Notes: Earthy, spicy, smoky, tobacco notes with medium body and medium acidity
Roast Level: Medium/Dark
Varietal: S795, Cauvery Catimor, Kent, SL9
Process: Monsooned
Altitude: 850 - 1000 masl

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