Sustainability Policy



Ours and your morning brew would not be possible without the hard working and committed coffee farmers from around the world who grow it. That’s where the journey starts, but the whole coffee supply network is important in being able to state that we are truly supplying ethically sourced coffee.

Our sourcing principle is simple: 

to be responsible members within the coffee supply chain 

How we do this:

  • Green coffee suppliers

We are committed to sourcing our green coffee through reputable and established green coffee merchants within the UK and Europe. We have long standing relationships with them and know that every coffee that comes to us, through them, meets our ethical and sustainability values such as, fair pay for farmers, support for the farmers via education, resources and equipment, community support, certifications such as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, International Women’s Coffee Alliance, UTZ, Bird Friendly and much more. That’s why we work alongside them to support sustainable and fair farming practices for them and their communities. 

  • Certifications 

Although we are not yet certified Organic, RFA or Fair Trade, we do purchase coffees that hold these certifications and hence pay the higher premium for them even though we are currently unable to shout out about it and display the logos on our coffees. We are currently taking steps and are looking into how we can get further involved and slowly build up to being able to get certified. 

  • Supporting communities 

We strive to create and sustain impact-focussed partnerships and have specifically been focusing on three areas within the coffee industry. The reasons vary, but the bottom line is, that in order to support and promote the future of these communities and the future of coffee, we need to support and invest in the people. Investing in the people behind these coffees, we are investing in coffees healthy future and subsequently this means protecting the planet too. 

Women Coffee Producers

Our relationship with women coffee producers started back in 2015 when we first opened our coffee house doors and started roasting for ourselves. Our Peruvian coffee from Café Feminino cooperative is our longest standing relationship with women producers and feel proud to keep sourcing this coffee knowing we keep the support going. To top it off, it has become one of our most popular coffees, much loved by our customers.