Galapagos, San Cristobal

Type: Coffee

This 100% organic coffee grows in San Cristobal of the exotic Galapagos islands, just 600 miles from the equator. San Cristobal is the largest of the islands and is surrounded by the Humbolt current. The cold sea breeze and the latitude of the island create microclimates that make its flora and fauna exquisite. At 150 to 350 masl the environment becomes the equivalent to that of an elevation of 500 to 1200 masl. This is where the HACIENDA ‘’EL CAFETAL’’ is located.

The farm is privileged by having the abundance of fresh water coming from the small rivers fed by El Junco, a volcanic crater lake, which lies at 1350 masl flowing gently down slopes. Its water contains minerals that enhance the vegetal diversity of this unique land. The coffee trees grow on relatively young volcanic soil,a completely intact ecosystem and a unique micro climate and any kind of employment of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertiliser is forbidden. This allows the production of excellent biological coffee.

Galapagos coffee grows under shade trees (like avocados, guavas, and oranges).

Only organic substances, which occur naturally, are used to dung. All these factors make this ‘’Island coffee’’ unique. 

Tasting Notes: Citric acidity, intense body and full of flavours of stone fruits.
Roast Level: Medium
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 350 masl

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