Spin the globe to Brazil and you’ll be met with the fifth largest country on the planet; and one of the most abundant producers and exporters of internationally valued coffee beans. The vast and environmentally diverse country is relied upon time and again for quality, standard and taste.

Connection to the vast natural resources is, literally and metaphorically, at the roots of the Daterra coffee ethos. 


Daterra, translated, means from the earth, and this coffee embraces the ground that nourishes every bean. Spread over a vast 3500 hectares the Daterra coffee forests are exceptional in their approach to environmental respect.









A team of argronomists explore and engineer a plethora of ways of ensuring that, for every nutrient utilised from their land, an abundance of care and replenishment is returned.

While machinery usually conjures images of pollution and damage, the Daterra farmers have found a way of using human progress to actually benefit the earth that benefits them. Experts In the fields of engineering and argriculture have pooled their knowledge, culminating in devices that sort the green beans of exquisite quality and clear up and reuse the sweepings and fallen beans. Waste is at a minimal and they have thus proudly become a carbon neutral producer – the first and only B Corp farm in the world.

The people’s passion for their home and environment does not stop with the production and sale of their tree-dried beans. Through the use of the fallen beans and sweepings as organic composting they have, thus far, planted 150,000 more trees. Furthermore, education forms an extensive part of the Daterra work ethic. Regular tours, policies of social inclusivity and trainee programs ensure that the generations who follow, without barriers, realise and embrace the importance on not only benefitting from what the earth can give, but also how they can pay forward the chances they have been given by it.

Sumptuous taste aside, their method of borrowing – not taking – and returning what allows them to follow their passion made us leap at the chance to work with Daterra Coffee.

Once we learned how they take this responsibility to another level we couldn’t wait to continue the nurturance and education that emanates from each bean by roasting them to release their potential into Wales and beyond.

From Brazil to Wales, this coffee is an exemplary example of the delicious results of nature when it is rightfully nurtured

so grab your bag of tastiness today