Type: Coffee

Following our extremely popular Bae Teigr signature coffee blend, we have been busy for a while now trying to perfect a second blend and we are happy to say we have done it again!

Our Gwalia blend is the perfect combo of Brazil and Colombian beans giving it a smooth, chocolatey and nutty flavour, full of punch and beautiful aroma. As with all of our coffees, we roast to give the coffee its full potential in terms of flavour notes.

What’s in the name?

The idea relates to ‘Gwalia’ being the archaic word for Wales. We looked at old Celtic symbols to create a historical reference whilst at the same time trying to avoid the typical cliches. So, we found the Five-Fold Symbol. In its basic form, this Welsh Celtic symbol is often tied to balancing the universe. The circle in the middle is the universe while the four elements around it symbolise earth, air, fire, and water. We felt it had a nice connection to coffee: it grows out of the earth and uses the high altitude air and water to grow. Water is used for washed coffee processing. Fire is used in the roasting process and water and heat is again used to brew it with! Enjoy 

Tasting Notes: Caramel, cocoa, dark chocolate and nutty flavours with orange and strawberry notes 
Origins: Brazil, Colombia
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Washed/Natural
Variety: Various (blend)
Altitude: 1000 - 1200 masl

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