MYANMAR, Year Ngan, Danu Tribe

Type: Coffee

Aung Win Kyaw Chin has been roasting since 1975. When he started to process his own coffee in 1998, the Shan State did not know much-if any-about coffee. With the help of experts and government micro-loans, he supported local smallholders investing in coffee mainly through the distribution of seeds. A few years later, the Shan State became the biggest coffee producing area of Myanmar and the heart of Specialty coffee in the country.

Primarily split between the Danu and the Pa-o tribes, Ywar Ngan benefits from ideal the conditions to grow coffee. The population lives primarily from fishing and agriculture and farmers work on small plots between 0,5 and two hectares. Pesticides and chemical fertilisers are forbidden in the township, making the production organic-style, but not yet formally organic certified.

Aung Win Kyaw and his daughter process the ripe cherries from their land and local smallholders. Most of the harvest is fully-washed before being dried on African beds; while honey experiments are run on small exclusive lots.

Tasting Notes:  Floral aroma, bright acidity and a smooth buttery body. Floral, fruity, clean, chocolate and lime flavours
Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: SL34
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1000 masl

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